Hello people of the interweb! My name is Megan and I am the young, adventurous, and unconventional mother of three little girls: Marley (7), Charlie (5), and Luna (2). I am in fact still married to their father, but we separated a year and a half ago. We are going to get divorced, we just need it to be in the budget.
We live in Olcott, NY. It is a small farming and fishing community on the coast of Lake Ontario. I have lived here my entire life except for three years where I lived in Ventura, CA.
After leaving college just 2 semesters shy of a Bachelors degree in English, I felt lost, confused, and crippled with debt. I had a lot if different jobs from debt collecting to waiting tables at a greasy spoon. It wasn’t until I turned 30 that I finally came to a sobering conclusion: my job does not define who I am nor is it intrinsically connected to my worth. Ok, with that said, I did land a most excellent and interesting gig recently. When I came to that epiphany I was working at the greasy spoon and incredibly unhappy; right now I’m starting a career in something that could only be described as a dream job. I make, bottle, and sell hard cider! I love it there but I digress…
Although working at the cidery is a very interesting facet of my life, I spend the majority of my time exploring my own interests and trying to make a better life for my family. This has lead me to my true life as a bohemian, or one who leads an alternative lifestyle exploring a wide range of interests while viewing life in a real and optimistic way.
Because of my bohemian lifestyle, I find it hard to focus and obsess over one topic for this blog. I want this blog to accurately represent my life and how I think, create, and perceive the world. I occupy my time with my family, cooking gluten-free and vegetarian meals (I have Celiac disease), art, literature, music, DIY projects, and writing. This is what I want to share on this blog.
I have made many changes in my life to make our lives happier and more prosperous. Since these changes, I have felt a little happier and healthier every day. I want to share all of my different interests with you so that we may be a community of sharing where we offer interesting ideas and perspectives that could benefit all.



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